Who am I?

Hi there!

Wow, here comes yet another new blog. Whatever, I feel like writing, so I will write! And you will read. Hopefully. There was another reason for creating this blog, which I will reveal in the next post!

This will be a mix of introduction and opening text for the blog. Right off the bat, a word of warning: I’ve never been a great writer. I like writing – that’s why I’m writing here – but I don’t produce the prose of a top writer. If you stumble upon a comma error or a conjunction error, leave it alone. Who is going to be bothered by them anyways? As you may notice from the word choices I’ve already used, my writing style will be more relaxed. I’m not that serious in real life so why would I be that serious in my writing style.

Let’s start with a few words about me. At the time of writing this text, I am a 29-year-old Master of Science in engineering from the Finland, Turku region, and I’m a programmer. I’m not going to tell a lot about my private life in this blog, so this is probably the most I’m going to share here. I might change my mind. I don’t try to hide anything about myself, but there’s no point in promoting myself that much, because that is not the purpose of the blog.

I’ve always been a geek in many ways. At school I did well in math and science, at home time I always spent time on the computer or reading books, and I also have glasses (in everyone’s mind, nerds have glasses, don’t they?). But my biggest interest always has been video games. This interest has remained present to this day, and recently it has expanded to board games.

I thought it might be fun to use my interest in a way that maybe someone else could benefit from. Emphasis on the word “maybe”, because I’m doing this for my own interests, and if someone gets something out of it, I’m more than happy. The main focus of this blog will be video games. From time to time I may write about some other topics, but let’s go with the geek axis. It may be that I will also write about board games, TV series and movies. I also have a category for programming. Only time will tell what will happen.

As the games are the main focus of the blog, then what kind of games do I like? This is easily answered by my top 1 favorite genre: horror. I’ve liked horror stories since elementary school. Well, then the word “like” didn’t describe my feelings well when I was playing through Silent Hills and was peeing my pants. Nowadays, I’m not too afraid of horror games, I play them for the atmosphere and often interesting stories. In addition, they are often a suitable mix of action and puzzles. My absolute favorite game has always been Haunting Ground despite all of its faults. I’ll probably write a review about it at some point.

Then let’s mention the types of games that I don’t like that much. All first-person shooters are really boring to me. Okay, I’m also really bad at shooters, and they make me 3D nauseous. But still, just mindlessly shooting others is lame. Of course, I have exceptions even in shooting games, for example Left 4 Dead is a great game in my opinion. In addition, none of the strategy or simulator games are my favorites. Good examples of these are Age of Empires or Factorio-type games. Something in them just doesn’t click to me. What is it that I don’t like about them? Not even I can say for sure. I could write a blog post about this kind of reflection sometimes in the future. In general, I like story-driven games, so at least in the genres I’ve listed in this block, the story is less often the main point.

Maybe that was it. If you still want to follow my ramblings after this confusing introduction, it would make me happy. After all, it’s always great if I don’t just write for myself here. And really as a reminder that the preferences I described earlier can really tell you what kind of games or topics are likely to be written about. The emphasis on the word “probably” comes into play here as well, because it may very well be that I will soon post a post about a shooting game.

Welcome to read my blog!

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